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Articles :

You can use these articles to your blogs or directly in the description of your videos. You can also use paragraphs to make videos or powerpoint slides.

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A great method to get sales is generating quality prospects. If you have created a blog of a topic (niche) in which you can promote “Goodbye Rosacea”, you probably have some method of capturing emails (prospects) and you’ll be creating your own list of subscribers. If not, we highly recommend starting as soon as possible with the capture placing a form on your website where the reader can place your name and email to receive updates, tips, news, etc. There are several solutions on the market for popular auto responders. The most popular ones and of good performance are,Aweber, MailChimpand GetResponse .

Then you have a list and want to send valuable information about the product to your subscribers. You can copy the following trace messages and put them in your auto responder:

Message #1:

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Subject: Goodbye Rosacea

Message body:

Hello {firstname}

I want to let you know that we have found a unique and recent treatment in ebook format and by reading some paragraphs we saw their great importance for many of our esteemed subscribers.

We are talking about the book-guide “Goodbye Rosacea” a real discovery for all those who suffer from this annoying and disturbing disease.

If you’re here you’re showing me that just your curiosity is not what has motivated you but that you suffer for your current skin state.

Almost certainly you have visited doctors, experts, medical specialties and many more to find a solution to your redness, vesicles and pustules that itch and burn.

Many times they would have indicated treatments that you surely started with high hopes and which ended up disappointing you.

Maybe you’ve even found some circumstantial remedy or someone who advised you of an unfounded treatment, all without success but with a fatal decline.

Have you rejected an invitation by the shame, avoided vacations, parties and intimate relationships?

Clearly you have not found the solution because the fact that you’re reading this, shows me that you haven’t.

What you need is a complete, natural, interesting method combined with various formulas and that can be applied from your own home

The method to which I refer is the guidebook “Goodbye Rosacea” where you will find a number of explanations, tips, suggestions, recommendations and warnings that will guide you step by step on fighting the condition of your skin, heal it, cure it and regain your happiness.

You will see that it will become your best illustrated friend.

Get this fabulous release at the following link:

The solution to certain problems is closer than we think!

Thanks for being part of our family of loyal subscribers.

Much success!


Message #2:

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Subject: {firstname}, Have you solved your problem?

Message body:

Hello {firstname}

The recent release of “Goodbye Rosacea” has far exceeded all our expectations and is due to the large number of messages we are receiving we thought you’d want to hear some words from its author, Carmen Romero

Here you go:
I have been a victim of rosacea …
I fully know how you feel because I’ve felt it in my skin.
I understand perfectly what you suffer because I too have suffered from it.
I fully understand your hardships, sacrifices, wasted efforts, wasted money and false hopes because it is exactly what happened to me over the years.

So I decided to start writing and be the author of a guidebook which would convey how I had found the solution to my problem.

I felt a duty to share with all those who were going through the same sadness, the natural treatment that I had discovered and that had become my great ally forever,!
Now let me ask you a few questions:

Do you feel frustrated because instead of enjoying a beautiful skin you must hide in order not to show it?
Have you rejected an invitation from the guy you liked so much because of your facial look which makes you feel insecure and unattractive?
Do you wake up at dawn touching your face trying to find out if it has improved over the night and then discover that it’s the same or worse than when you went to sleep?
Do you wake up with your heart in your mouth thinking about how you’ll look when you look at yourself in the mirror?
…or you’d rather not look at yourself….

Do you feel itching, burns, burning and you see redness, congested and unpleasant pustules, bumps, blisters containing serous fluid?
You no longer know what to do and what not to do because everything you do worsens your skin?

Look … I could continue listing a long list of horrible situations but I prefer to say that this guidebook I’m making available to you is the product of my previous despair, just like yours, because I suffered the same thing and decided to find a solution that would satisfy my expectations and that would last!

And you know what? I found the solution!

I discovered a system that applied in the privacy of my home, without long waits in doctors’ clinics, without exorbitant costs, with perseverance and adherence to the method gave me back the freshness of my skin, which I had longed to recover.
I urge you to do something for your own good: to buy my guide, to follow each and every step, respect the indications, to make a commitment to healing and see how your skin gradually and definitely will again be beautiful .

Instant download at the following link:

Dear friend, I hope you take this as a personal challenge and turn it into your daily goal: to finally recover in time and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.
I appreciate your presence in this space!

Carmen Romero
Creator of “Goodbye to Rosacea”


Message #3:

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Subject: {firstname}, I recovered my happiness!

Message body:

{firstname}, I recovered my happiness!

I just received an email from a person who bought my guide “goodbye Rosacea” and told me the results. It is so enlightening that I want to share her story with you immediately

“Dear Carmen:
2 months ago I bought the guidebook “Goodbye Rosacea” because I had no options left to get rid of my rosacea that had plagued me for five years.
I confess that at first I was not convinced because after so many failures I thought this guide would be just another guide but I just decided to try it, … in short, it didn’t hurt to try. I still had the money back guarantee in case I ended up not satisfied.

One of the things that struck me when I read it was the precision with which every aspect of rosacea was explained, the details and particularities, no one had explained it to me earlier so accurately. Excited from the start, I followed all directions, I set up an action plan, followed the advice exactly, I persevered and got my prize: cured myself from the rosacea that had distressed and tormented me for so long.

To re-read your guide frequently and hear your encouraging words was of great help to stay positive and keep the enthusiasm and I certainly felt a lot more strength and push every time my friends told me how good I looked!  

I want to show you my appreciation through these lines and I assure you that I will be one of the most enthusiastic promoters of his method!
Infinite thanks!”

Actually this is the kind of messages I love to receive. Testimonials from people who were finally able to get rid of their rosacea and regain control of their life. Just as with Soledad and like many others I encourage you to take action now and purchase your copy now.

Click on the link below to download the guide “Goodbye Rosacea” and start right now!

Remember, you can do something for you now and it will be the beginning of your new life. Guaranteed.

Carmen Romero
Creator of “Goodbye Rosacea”



The “Advertorials” are articles with a publishing format that catch the attention, presenting to the reader information designed like news.

Simply replace the xxxxx for Your Affiliate ID





These are the keywords you can use in your marketing campaigns. Remember that the right choice of keywords will impact your results either by using them in your blogs to achieve a good search engine positioning or your PPC campaigns or pay per click in platforms such as Bing Ads, Adwords or 7Search among many others.

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Advertising with PowerPoint Presentations


PowerPoint is a very simple tool to use and has shown very good results when it comes to promoting products.
You can make a presentation on the program by promoting the product, and then sharing it online. There are numerous platforms used to promote PowerPoint presentations. Through this system, users will have access to your presentation and once you buy the product, you get the commission.
Below is a list of the most popular promotional sites for products through PowerPoint presentations.


Product Advertising Through Videos

In recent times promoting products through video has become a relatively simple and very lucrative method. Logically YOUTUBE is king in video platforms so posting your videos on youtube is a must task.
However, there are many other online video platforms with significant traffic and which are excellent opportunities to upload our promotional videos. You can download the following excel or txt file through a number of interesting youtube-like sites (video platforms) where you can upload your videos to promote “goodbye Rosacea”.

[membership_download_item_excel link=”” + target=”_self”]Download video platforms EXCEL[/membership_download_item_excel]

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Please visit this section as more and more tools will be added to make your marketing work increasingly simple. For information and questions please write us at [email protected] and we will contact you shortly.

To your Success.